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    EMMY AWARD-WINNING Anchor/Reporter/Producer and Entrepreneur with 17 years of on-camera experience on national television and online. I helped to revolutionize the world of online video journalism as a pioneer of digital video content post dot.com boom and beyond. Through dedicated hard work and giving back to the communities in which I’ve reported on, I was also awarded the Governor's medallion for extraordinary service to the broadcast industry. My career has given me journalistic breadth ranging from local news to meteorology, sports and business with a focus on tech.


    My tenure at Forbes solidified my beat in business and has developed me into an extremely well connected industry expert. My passion and expertise for the tech world has poised me for my most recent endeavors as an Executive Consultant to established industry leaders, Executive Advisor for Startups, On-air Career/ Technology Expert, Executive Director of the Extreme Tech Challenge ( www.extremtechchallenge.com ) and Entrepreneur as Founder/Chairman of asynchronous interview platform Kymerview which trains young women in how to interview effectively, as well as Founder/President of global healthcare nonprofit TheWayToMyHeart.org.


    Highlights of my broadcasting career:


    * I shook up the industry by helping to build five video departments for large influential publications that shaped the online video journalism industry.


    * Journalist at Forbes Magazine, interviewing the who's who in tech, Hollywood, Capitol Hill, and sports: Facebook's Sean Parker and Sir Richard Branson to Jay Leno and Jerry Rice.


    * Fox News Channel contributor Saturday mornings on “Forbes On Fox".


    * First web-centric finance/tech focused female video reporter at forefront of emergence of online entertainment.


    * First online video reporter accepted into Capital Press Corp in Sacramento.


    * First Female Sports Director/Anchor/Reporter in San Francisco Bay Area


    * First woman in SF Bay Area to host a racing show covering Nascar, IndyCar, and AMA Superbike


    * First online technology video reporter at a traditional publication to receive an Emmy in NATAS, Northern California Chapter.

    Ra Medical Systems

    For TheInnovators.Network, I became the first journalist to capture on video an FDA study in the vascular realm from start to finish. Then joining Ra Medical Systems, by applying an Emmy Award-winning journalistic skillset, I initiated a disruptive approach to commercializing a new medical device in the vascular industry and preparing for IPO. As executive storyteller, I captured the essence of the product, its use, and its potential through thousands of hours observing patient cases and listening to critical interactions surrounding the product, the market, and competitors. What I learned from listening and observing led me to ultimately develop real, raw, relatable, authentic video content, including unprompted and unedited doctor/patient interviews and real-time endovascular procedural stories. That content has been used for hospital staff/patient/sales education, training, brand awareness, and as IPO road show collateral. I also initiated the development of a disruptive, outward-facing communications program targeting an untapped market for patients, including a patient resource program, as well as a social media and digital outreach, that's unprecedented for this industry. I documented my 4+ year journey observing the clearance and adoption of the biggest breakthrough in the treatment of vascular diseases since the balloon over-the-wire at www.MyDABRALaserStory.com.

    Extreme Tech Challenge

    I helped take the Extreme Tech Challenge from inception to becoming the world's largest startup competition, implementing integrated vertical awards with sponsorship, gathering critical resources to support startups in scaling, creating unique mentoring and media opportunities, and more. It is the first startup competition in conjunction with the world's largest consumer electronics show, CES and Sir Richard Branson. The top 10 pitch live on stage at CES. The top 3 pitch Sir Richard Branson and a celebrity panel of judges on Branson's private Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. As XTC's first Executive Director, contest strategist, and contest emcee for both the semi-finals and finals, I vetted more than 4,000 startups, and helped select the best companies to present on stage at CES as well as before Sir Richard Branson.

    CBS Tech2

    Developed and hosted a weekly technology series on KPIX 5 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Taking an innovative approach to capturing stories via selfie stick and iPhone, we featured the coolest tech companies in Silicon Valley.


    For nearly five years I wrote for the magazine, helped build the west coast video department from scratch and covered the latest in business in technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, the stock market, sports, and celebrities. My favorite stories were about executives who lived extraordinary and rewarding lives outside the boardroom. I was at the forefront of a new extreme entrepreneur with whom I was first to bring to the forefront in mass coverage through my Emmy nominated "Personal Best" series. I also enjoyed appearing weekly on Fox News Channel's "Forbes On Fox" broadcast, challenging Steve Forbes and other Forbes staff on critical current events, especially political topics.

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    Extreme Tech Challenge

    Executive Director & Emcee

    For two years I ran what evolved into the world's largest global startup competition as Executive Director, in partnership with CES and Sir Richard Branson as our anchor judge. The top ten presented live on stage at the world's largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas where I was able to attract a standing room only crowd. The top 3 went on to present to Sir Richard Branson on his private Necker Island.

    KDOW Radio's "NewFocus On Innovation" & "Kym McNicholas On Innovation"

    Host, weekly radio show sponsored by NewFocus Financial Group

    For more than two years I interviewed the who's who of innovation every Thursday and Friday at 2pm PT on the San Francisco Bay Area's #1 Business Information radio station, 1220AM, and the #1 streamed Business Information radio station in the U.S., kdow.biz.

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    My Passion

    Emmy Award winning video interview with serial entrepreneur, Ido Leffler. 

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    technology. entertainment. sports. influencers. 

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    Technology: Pandora's Tim Westergren


    Founder of the online radio network defends his turf with increasing competition. 

    Healthcare: Big Medical Breakthrough With Potential To Tackle #1 Killer In America


    In 2016 I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Ernesto Rodriguera for The Innovators Network, where I hosted a radio show and video podcast, about a technology that has the potential to tackle the number one killer in America, Cardiovascular Disease. For more go to www.MyDABRAlaserStory.com

    Technology: Sharp CEO Admits Apple and Google Are A Problem For Them

    Fox News: Forbes On Fox Contributor

    Weekly segment on Saturday mornings

    Each week while at Forbes Magazine, i would appear on Fox News Channel with insight on global issues and stock picks. 


    Forbes: After Hours Market Report

    Daily Stock Market Update

    What are the biggest movers after the market closes? And what will drive the market at the open next day?

    Technology: Interview With SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff

    A small tagline

    One of multiple interviews I've done with Marc Benioff. Here's another: https://youtu.be/PVJfVF6cpoQ

    Celebrity: Nigel Lythgoe, So You Think You Can Dance

    A small tagline

    The show's Executive Producer talks about how he fell into tap dancing and ultimately landed one of the most popular shows on television. I not only booked all interviews, conducted interviews, but also produced the final video product.

    KRON 4: How To Handle Gender Bias In The Workplace

    Advice for succeeding in the face of adversity.

    As a career expert, I shared advice for anyone looking for inspiration. I tackled controversial issues that impacted women, hoping to empower all women to persevere.

    CBS Tech 2: Office Crashers, Twitter

    Why people are flocking to work at one of the world's largest social networks.

    I've crashed the officers of Twitter, Tinder and more. For more episodes, check out the Tech 2 Playlist HERE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt2BmRdh7tCz7aWREv7_V_pjXBcrbLqVt

    Celebrity: Inside 50 Cent's Growing Empire

    Forbes Video Network

    Caught up with 50 cent at the world's largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, CES

    CBS Tech 2: Office Crashers, Tinder

    KPIX 5, San Francisco Bay Area

    Part of a 13-week sponsored series I initiated in partnership with channel 5 and Magisto.

    Innovation Expert

    KTVU 2, San Francisco Bay Area

    Appeared on Fox 2 to share new innovation.

    Immersed In The Story: A World's First

    A Reporter, A Wetsuit, And A Water Ski

    I was covering the increasing passion for kiteboarding by tech executives in Silicon Valley, when I pulled out a few tricks of my own.

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    Steve Jobs

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